Quick Test Benchmark (Performence) VPS Server 2019

When you get a new VPS, if you want to know more about the VPS’s performance, speed, latency and other information, you can use the VPS performance test script to perform a comprehensive test on your VPS. Today, VPSTrial shares some useful VPS one-click test scripts, including the Bench, SuperBench.sh, TocDo.

This script is the one I see a lot in many forums and blogs. By issuing a one-liner command you can fetch quick information about your server including CPU Model, number of cores, CPU frequency, total amount of RAM, SWAP, system uptime and of course perform quick test of download speed as well as I/O speed.

Here’s an example of my VPS from latest Upcloud Coupon: $5/month with 1 GB RAM – 1 CPU Core – 25GB SSD Storage – 1TB Transfer. Operating system Centos 7

The command to use this script is below:

  • Use bensh.sh ( international ) : The contents of the bensh.sh test include basic information about the VPS system, the download speed  in various world-renowned data centers (supporting IPv6), and I/O speed.


wget -qO- bench.sh | bash


The test results are as follows:


  • Use Serverscope : Their benchmarking suite is focused on processing speed, IO performance and network bandwidth. They use publicly available and open source tools such as UnixBench, Fio, Speedtest, and others.  The test time is about 40 minutes

Instructions: You can go to the page: Serverscope benchmark  or use command:

bash <(curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/serverscope/serverscope-benchmark/master/install-serverscope.sh) -uvc -e "[email protected]" -p "1024MB 1CPU|UpCloud"

The report is available here: https://serverscope.io/trials/dJGo

  • Use Tocdo ( VietNam ): Tocdo is developed on the basis of bench.sh by CanhMe. With just a command line, you can view all system information, test hard drive speed and connection speed.


curl -Lso- tocdo.net | bash

Test Tocdo and share: There will be a link displayed after the benchmarking process is complete so you can share with others.

curl -Lso- tocdo.net/share | bash

The test results are as follows: (Other VPS)

  • Use SuperBench.sh ( China ) : SuperBench.sh is developed on the basis of bench.sh. It can also test the basic information and I/O performance of the VPS system, but replace the speed with a China sever.


wget -qO- git.io/superbench.sh | bash

The test results are as follows:

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